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Shanghai No 1 box port with Singapore as No 2 and Shenzhen as No 3 [2020-2-27]
Digital bookings for cargo increases, but sales agents are still needed [2020-2-27]
Maersk optimistic shipping will have V-shaped coronavirus recovery [2020-2-27]
US-Asia containerised exports decline 0.7 per cent to 5,958,060 TEU [2020-2-27]
Coronavirus means few reefer plugs at China ports, risking cargo diversion [2020-2-20]
Volga-Dnepr flies 'sterilised' charter flights to China to cope with virus [2020-2-20]
U-Freight Korea opens office in Incheon to serve e-commerce market [2020-2-20]
Deepsea container volumes grew 1pc to 169 million TEU in 2019: CTS [2020-2-20]
North American rail traffic down 8.8pc in week ending January 18 [2020-2-13]
South Korean port operations disrupted by novel coronavirus [2020-2-13]

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